PhyFlex is a starting grant project funded by The French National Research Agency (grant number ANR-15-CE23-0011-01). The project started in October 2015 for a duration of 3 years.

The PhyFlex project addresses the lack of flexibility in the control of Tangible User Interaction (TUI). On the contrary to previous work, this project addresses a new research question: universal and flexible physical control. PhyFlex opens new perspectives on TUI based on the flexibility provided by the dynamic change of shapes of input devices. Shape-Changing TUI consist of physical User Interfaces (UI) whose shape can be changed by the user or the system. For instance, a tangible slider can be resized continuously to increase its accuracy when its length increases.

Examples of resizable slider

Future applications are numerous, ranging from tangible controls for interactive visualization, mixing console, control of LED lighting, cockpit or camera control, etc. to personal computers.


Principal Investigator CĂ©line Coutrix